3rd Annual Anchor 3 Hare Scramble … Aug 23-24, 2014

Our annual Hare Scramble is coming up in a couple weeks. If you want to race, the specific information you need can be found on the Florida Trail Riders Website. They are the sanctioning body, and we are just the hosting club. Here are a few helpful links:

Event flyer/registration form – www.floridatrailriders.org/uploads/flyer/15_season/2014-RCDR-HS-Flyer-No-AMA-KOW.pdf
Rule book – www.floridatrailriders.org/member-info/ftr-rule-book.php
Forum – www.floridatrailriders.org//ftr_forums/index.php
FTR membership – www.floridatrailriders.org/about-ftr/how-to-join.php

Club members interested in racing for the first time can find out more info at the work days this weekend. You can take care of the membership and registration on the day of the event, if you’d like, but you will need to have your bike prepared beforehand (spark arrestor and correct number plates).

Here is a quick summary:
The flyer details the classes, ages, bike displacement and number plates.

Race fee is $50, unless you will be racing Peewee then its $20.

FTR membership is required and is $50 (if over 13 yrs old), or $25 (if 12 and under). Its good for one year.

You will need a transponder, which is $5. It will last several years unless it gets damaged.

Bike must have a spark arrestor in the exhaust pipe, unless a peewee.

Number plates are required that represent the rider’s number and class. You can pick the number (check with FTR to see if its already taken, 352-538-6291, businessmanager@floridatrailriders.org).  The color combination is unique to your class and is listed on the flyer (right side). You don’t have to go fancy and order custom number plate backgrounds but they have to be clearly legible.

Registration, practice and race times are listed on the flyer.
Peewee races are 15 minutes long (I believe)
Saturday afternoon races are 1-1/2 hours
Sunday races are 2 hours

If you are racing Saturday afternoon or Sunday, make sure you have a hydration pack that you can wear during the race.


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